Rome, Italy

Published inForm. Reborn and PicFic throughout 2009
as a Regular Contributor

Barbed Wires

barbed wires crawling
eating at your flesh and soul
age winter prison



He glides outside, from body to sun: So much warmer there, next to the purring cat, than inside his old cold flesh. Mourners need not know.

French version

Hors de son corps, au soleil: Il est tellement mieux l�, pr�s du chat, que dans sa vieille peau refroidie. Que lui chaut des fun�railles?

Italian version

Esce del proprio corpo, verso il sole: Di l�, accanto al gatto, ci sta molto meglio che nella vecchia pelle fredda. Perche, poi, piangere?



He was gone, much faster than I could ever have hoped for, carried by gravity and momentum. It had felt great dropping him over the cliff...


Life is Pink

A gaggle of giggles as the girls pass around the love note: Who will dare deliver it to its object? Not the author, obviously. Life is pink.


The Sage's Secret

Listen to its voice:
Rub your thumb over coarse leaves
Its melody stings
Playing a sweet - sharp - poem
Whispering fragrant secrets.

Verdigris velvet
Tightly wrapped around your voice.
A shroud or armour
A protection to be burnt
Against fracas and turmoil.

Aromatic song
Folded, secreted in leaves:
With all your senses
A symphony to savour
In a caressing message.

Hear its low whispers
In the perfumed oil that soars
Meditation song
Urging you to lose yourself
Loose yourself in its music.

Staring at the stars
Are they not twinkling green too?
Acrid spiral smoke
Grey scented letters burning
Held in a last sprig of sage.